Do you have time for God?

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Covenant Hour Of Prayer Teaching – 19/4/18 By Bishop David OyedepoDavid Oyedepo

Topic : You Cannot Have A Heart For God And Not Have Time For Him

? Everyone that truly has a heart for God will have time for Him. Matt.6:21
? Our lack of time for God is not because we are busy, but because we don’t have heart for Him.
? Daniel, a man that has a heart for God, displayed it by praying three times daily. He fasted for 21 days just to get revelation from God. Dan.6:10, Dan.10:1-3
Nuggets For Today:
? The example of David –
? David, a man after God’s heart. 1Sam.13:14
? David prayed three times a day. Ps.55:17
? He praised God, seven times a day. Ps.119:164
? Other things worthy of note about the man David can be seen in the following Scriptures – Ps.122:1, Ps.34:1, Ps.1:1 – 6 was his daily song etc.
? God’s word was his meditation all day long. Ps.119:97-98
? You cannot love God and not love His word.
? See examples of other men that loved God –
? A man named Michael Faraday – It was said of him that anytime he steps into a city, his first question was – where is the church here?
? He was eventually named the man of science of the 1920’s.
? Also, James Clark Maxwell, he led everyone in his house in high praises every morning.
? Without a heart for God, you cannot make the most out of life.
? You can’t make the most out of life without having time for God.
? And you cannot have time for God and not make great marks on the earth.
? David did, he was rated as a one thousand (1000) in one (1) man. 2Sam.18:3
? He made generational impact. Acts.13:36
? God entered into a covenant with him. Jer.33:20-21, Ps.89:20-24
? Everyone with a heart for God ends up a pacesetter, a trail blazer, and a pathfinder. What has never happened before, happens through them. 1Cor.2:9
? Will you join this train of God lovers today?
? We are on a rescue mission. Someone’s life is about hitting the rock, we need to save them.

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