The World Mission Agency is a missionary organisation charged with the task of liberating the entire world from sin, sickness, poverty, failure and all such vices through Bible teachings and training, schooling men and women to exploits in life and releasing them to their full potentials to benefit their world.
Our missionary activities started in May 1994, with Africa as our focus, under a programme tagged African Gospel Invasion Programme (AGIP). This programme represents the phase one of our missionary endeavours.

As at date, we have established 36 mission stations in 28 African nations. It is significant to note that the foreign missions have been positively affecting lives in their respective locations.
Due to the clear-cut transformation and obvious improvements in people’s lives after attending the training school, WOFBI has continued to remain popular and relevant over the years. Together with the church activities, they are positively affecting the spiritual and socio-cultural milieu of their host nations.

As at December 1999, a total of over 48,000 students ranging from Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Judges, Members of the Diplomatic Corp, Gospel Ministers, Top Government Functionaries, Professionals from all walks of life, to the general populace have officially graduated from WOFBI at the foreign mission level where scholarship is also awarded as appropriate.

The coverage of the operations of the organisation is the entire world as it is spelt out in her mandate. Subsequently in December 2000, the phase two of our mission programme was commissioned, tagged Mission To The World (WTM) 2001. This is expected to network the remaining continents of the earth with our missionary activities. That is, sending missionaries and materials to other parts of the world in pursuit of our set objectives.

We believe that the positive influence would be generated, as it had been in the African nations where we presently operate.
The World Mission Agency (WMA) seeks opportunities to alleviate the sufferings of the masses not only by the Biblical teachings but also by providing relief support and materials as at when needed in a timely manner.
Examples of such are 1997 – Relief Operations in the KOMA HILLS, northern Nigeria where foods stuff, clothing and much needed basic materials were made available in container loads.