March 15th 2021 to April 18th 2021
Turnaround greetings to all in the name of Jesus Christ.
A choice to be on God’s side is the wisest of all choices in the journey of life. This is because if God be for us, who can be against us? Being on God’s side will always make all the difference as in the case of Joseph who experienced unimaginable order of breakthrough both as a slave and as a prisoner.
One great proof of being on God’s side is a genuine passion to see souls saved and established in the Kingdom of God. This is why one cannot claim to be on God’s side, without identifying with God’s foremost interest on the earth, that is passion for the rescue of souls from the dudgeon of destruction.
For example, Abraham was a lover of souls; we saw him pursue after the captors of Lot and his household. We also saw him interceding for the rescue of Sodom and Gomorrah.
In the same vein, Paul the Apostle was a die-hard lover of souls.
Anyone who cares to get on God’s side and remain there is sure to find his or her way to the high places of life.
Therefore, by the prompting of the Holy Ghost, within the next 5 weeks, that is from Monday March 15th to Sunday April 18th 2021, everyone shall be demonstrating his or her choice of being on God’s side by engaging as follows:
1. A passionate commitment to prayer towards seeing minimum 4 souls saved or brought to Church for salvation in the course of this operation.
2. To take appropriate steps to realise this set target and ensure they are established in the faith and in this Church for life.
3. To be committed to their spiritual growth by connecting them to the WSFs in their neighbourhood, the Midweek Service and the Church Services on Sundays among others.
In conclusion, the only way to succeed in doing the work of the Lord is to believe the One who assigns us to do it through us. We understand from scriptures that God never assigns anyone a thing that he can do but what He God wants to do through such individuals.
As the Lord lives, on or before April 18th 2021, every local assembly in this Commission shall be minimum twice her present attendance in the name of Jesus Christ.
Not one Winner shall return empty handed and everyone that chooses to get on God’s side in this Prophetic Season shall be openly Rewarded, Decorated, Honoured and Enthroned to the glory of God.
Remain Ever Blessed.
Jesus is Lord.