From Glory to Glory greetings in Jesus’ name.

I believe we have all had an awesome time in the school of vision all through the month of September and I am persuaded that every Winner is sure to see the Glory of God in unprecedented dimensions this month in Jesus’ name. Amen

What then is the Holy Ghost saying concerning the month of October 2016? We must discover and engage vital biblical key.

We recognize from scriptures that:

  • Every child of God belongs to royalty – 1Pet. 2:9
  • Everyone that is born–again is born to reign as a King in his field – Rev. 5: 9-10
  • Redemption spiritually repositions the believer for the top – Matt.5:13-16
  • Every believer is redeemed a star – Rev.22:16, John17:18

However, to realize this awesome heritage we must discover and engage vital biblical key – Matt16:18, Lk.11:52.

We discover from scriptures that every true lover is ordained a high flyer, a star, a man and woman of exploit.

Examples here include:

* Abraham – Gen.12:1-3/Gal.3:13-14 * Joseph-Gen 39: 7-9/Gen.41: 38-44/42:18

* Moses– Exo. 1: 1-4/Num. 12:3-7 * Job – Job 1: 1-3/ Job 29:4-17

* David- 1 Sam. 13:14/ 2Sam. 18:3 * Solomon – 1Kgs.3:3-4/ 1kgs.4:29-34

* Peter– Jn.21: 15-17/Gal.2:8/Acts 5:15 * Paul- Rom.8:35-38/ Acts 14:11

From all the above, we understand that every true lover of God ends up a path-finder, a pace-setter and a trail-blazer – 1Cor. 2:9

WHY? Because Love never fails –Love is an ever winning force1Cor. 13:8

While it is clear that every Child of God is destined for the top, but the fact remains that we can only gain access to the topmost top by engaging the virtue of unreserved love for Christ and his Kingdom.

The love of God has proved to be the sure foundation for a glorious and enviable destiny but when the foundation is destroyed the righteous can do nothing – Matt 22:36-40/ Ps 11:3

Therefore, the Prophetic theme for the month of October is: