Secrets to Marital Bliss!


Secrets to Marital Bliss! (5)


Dear Reader,

A lot of times, people dream about a perfect home where joy, peace, abundance and fruitfulness abound. Such dreams are good, if you determine to do what is required to realize it. Just as physically you cannot own a home by mere wishing. If you plan on having a glorious family, stop wishing and prepare to play your part. You must accept responsibility for the building of your family. God’s Word says: Every house is built by some man… (Hebrews 3:4). This week, I will be teaching on Commitment.

Husband, wife, are you committed to your marriage, home and relationship? Many people have entered into marriage thinking they might as well give it a trial. After the first attraction dies and the work of making a happy marriage begins, they begin to wonder if they have not married the wrong person.


Commitment to God

When you commit yourself to Christ, Christ commits Himself to you. 2 Timothy 1:12 says: For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.

A husband and wife, who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to doing the will of God, are walking in the light (1 John 1:7). This brings great stability into marriage and family life.

Since it is God who instituted the family, it is only reasonable that He occupies a central part in your marriage and family life. God must be in the life of both parties. Marriage is an institution designed by God. So, it cannot be successful when God is ignored. After accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviuor, you have the love of God shed abroad in your heart and you can truly love others (Romans 5:5).

Commitment To Your Spouse

The second strand in the three-fold cord of commitment is permanent commitment to your spouse. Men and women, our nation and churches desperately need strong families. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. When I speak of commitment, I am not referring to some form of passive past commitment that was based on hormones and emotions. Rather, I am referring to the daily exercise of love (1 Corinthians 13). I am referring to the husband taking the time to get to know his wife and communicating with her (1 Peter 3:7-10). I am talking about building the kind of a relationship together, so that you enjoy being together and after years of marriage, you are still ravished with her love.

A blissful marriage requires commitment to your spouse. When you neglect this, no amount of prayer and fasting and ‘sleeping’ in church can prevent your home from falling apart.

Commitment To Your Children

The final strand in the three-fold cord is a commitment to your children. As parents, you must be committed in training and providing for your children.

In conclusion, Commitment to God begins with Salvation. This comes by surrendering your life to Christ. You surrender by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as your Saviour and Lord. If you are ready to be born again, please say this prayer: “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. Deliver me from sin and satan to serve the living God. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.”

If you prayed this simple prayer, you are now a child of God. He loves you and will never leave you. Read your Bible daily, obey God’s Word and seek Christian fellowship (John 14:21).

Congratulations! You are now born again! All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name. Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through; OR 07026385437 and 08141320204.

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