We discover from scriptures that no prophecy ever gets fulfilled on its own, but every prophetic word always leaves believers with what to do to see it fulfilled – 1 Tim. 1:18/ Jn 2:5

Any prophetic word that doesn’t leave us with what to do is questionable – Ps 89:34.
For instance, to be exempted from the oncoming economic holocaust, we must subscribe to the covenant of giving and receiving – Mal. 3:17-18/ Mal. 4:1-2
This is because what we give today is what secures our tomorrow – 1 Tim. 6:17-19
This is why we must keep hunting for the responsibilities attached to every prophetic word – Mak. 10:21
There are always conditions to be met to access any provision in redemption – Gal. 3:13-14/ Duet. 28:1-13/ Zech. 7:13
We serve a covenant keeping God, and until our part is played, we cannot get Him committed – Deut. 8:18

I pray that the 2017 prophetic package shall fully deliver in the lives of every Winner in Jesus’ name. Amen.

MY CASE IS DIFFERENT – 1 Pet. 2:9/ 1 Cor.4:7

  1. As I maintain my covenant walk with God all through the year 2017, while others may be drying up, I shall be flourishing, because my case is different– Mal. 3:6-10/17-18/ Gen. 47:15-27
  2. As I continue to serve God with joy and gladness, God shall make me to laugh, and all that hear shall laugh with me – Gen. 21:6/ Ps 35:27
  3. As I serve the interest of the kingdom of God throughout the year 2017 and beyond, I shall never lack bread and water on my table–Exo. 23:25/Matt.6:31-33
  4. Because I have made my choice to serve the Lord, no matter how many businesses collapse in this season of uncertainties, none of mine shall collapse – Exo. 9:1-7/ Mal. 3:18/ Mal. 4:1-2
  5. As I continue to serve God throughout 2017 and beyond, when men say there is a casting down, I shall be singing, there is a lifting up – Job 22:21-26/29/ Job 36:11
  6. As I walk in the light of scriptures, the destructions and devastations of these hard times shall never come near my habitation – Exo. 8:18-26/ Is. 60:1-3
  7. By the light of life all through 2017, I shall never get to a point where I will not know the way forward – Exo. 10:21-23/ Ps 25:12-14/ Jn 8:12
  8. As I remain committed to the covenant of abundance, I shall be exempted from the oncoming economic holocaust – Mal. 3:6-8/17-18/ Mal. 4:1-2



  1. As I remain on course with divine plans, I shall be breaking forth on every side in these hard times – Joel 2:1-11/ Is. 48:21
  2. In 2017 and by my commitment to covenant practice, no matter the heat on this earth, it shall not affect me and my household – Exo. 9:1-7/ Mal. 3:6-11
  3. From 2017 onwards, because I belong to this prophetic family, whatever clears the way for this Commission begins to clear the way for me and my household – 1 Sam. 10:5-6/ 10-12/ 2 Kgs 2:12-15
  4. Through the covenant of tithing, I shall begin to enjoy the rain of divine ideas, which shall turn me to an envy of my world – Gen. 14:20/ Gen. 18:19 / Gen. 30:32-43
  5. By reason of my covenant walk with God, my children shall emerge as high flyers in their lifetime – Ps 112:1-3/ Gen. 22:16-18
  6. As I walk in obedience to the commandment of scriptures, my household shall emerge a family of giants – 1 Sam. 2:22-30/ Is. 60:1-3/8-22
  7. As I walk in the fear of the Lord all through 2017, I shall be divinely guided into realms of supernatural abundance – Is. 58:11-12/ Ps 23:1-6
  8. In the year 2017, whatever represents an air of pity around my life, shall be turned to testimony of envy – Is. 60:15/ Gen. 26:1-14/ Gal. 4:28
  9. By my raw obedience of faith, I shall begin to command noiseless breakthroughs all through 2017 and beyond – Deut. 28:1-13/ Luk. 5:1-8
  10. As I continue to serve God, every generational curse hanging around my life shall be supernaturally broken this year – Exo. 23:25-26/ Num. 23:8/20
  11. Because the righteous shall not beg bread, the days of my joblessness are over – Ps 37:25
  12. And because my God is not a robber, but a rewarder, there shall be no more dry seasons in my business and career life – Heb. 11:6/ Rev. 22:12
  13. All through 2017 and beyond, every benefit of covenant practice shall start speaking loud in my life – Phi. 4:15-19



  1. By my commitment to kingdom advancement endeavours all through 2017, everything shall be speaking in my favour – Ps 102:13-15/ Ps 35:27
  2. All through 2017, everything shall be working together for my good as I maintain my covenant walk with God – Rom. 8:28/ Jn 14:21
  3. I believe serving God guarantees fruitfulness, therefore, I shall bring forth my miracle child(ren) this year – Exo. 23:25-26
  4. Because the fruit of the womb is listed among the rewards of service, I shall bring forth supernaturally this year – Ps 127:3
  5. For every form of shame I may have suffered, there shall be double restoration for me in 2017 – Is. 60:1-3/14-15/ Is. 61:7



  1. From 2017 and beyond, and by reason of my covenant walk with God, I shall be feeding fat from heaven’s storehouse – Phi. 4:15-19/ Exo. 16:35
  2. All through 2017, while many may be begging, I shall be giving – Pro. 11:24-25/ Pro. 28:27
  3. In 2017, while many may be living with hunger, I shall be distributing food – 1 Tim. 6:17-19/ Matt.25:31-40
  4. My covenant walk with God today shall continue to distinguish me all through this season of uncertainties – Mal. 3:6-11/17-18
  5. As I follow divine guidance, wonders without end shall be my experience all through the year 2017 and beyond – Ps 23:1-6/ Is. 48:21
  6. As I maintain my covenant walk with God, my showers of blessing shall continue to come down – Ezk. 34:26/ Deut. 28:1-13
  7. As I continue to serve God all through 2017, I shall be singing breakthrough songs all the way – Ps 126:1-6/ Ps 35:27
  8. As I continue to put the word of God to work, my life shall no longer be a question mark, but an exclamation among men – Matt. 13:54/ Is. 60:1-3



  1. By my faith in the finished work of Christ, my health shall be fully restored this year – Jer. 30:17/Matt. 9:27-29
  2. In 2017, through the revelation of the word, health and vitality shall be my testimony – Job 33:21-25
  3. Through the mystery of kingdom stewardship, every sickness and disease shall be taken away from my body – Exo. 23:25-26
  4. As an ambassador of Christ, reconciling the world back to God through soul winning, I shall continue to live a sickness-free life from henceforth – Jn 15:1-2/ 2 Cor. 5:20/ Pro. 13:17
  5. As I continue to give to the poor, I shall be totally delivered from every affliction of sickness and disease from henceforth – Ps 41:1-3
  6. I believe that serving God guarantees longevity, therefore, God shall satisfy me with long life – Exo. 23:25-26/ Ps 91:16



  1. Through my tireless commitment to covenant practice, I shall be financially settled this year – Deut. 8:18/ 2 Cor. 9:6-8
  2. As I maintain a quality covenant walk with God, in the midst of this economic meltdown, I shall be scaling new heights – Mal. 3:6-10/ Mal. 4:1-2/ Gen. 47:15-27
  3. Through the mystery of tithing, this time of economic horror shall be my time of financial honour – Mal. 3:10-11/ Ps 37:18-19
  4. As I remain committed to kingdom advancement givings, my financial dominion shall be established this year – Hag. 1:5-14/ 1 Kgs 8:17-18
  5. By my raw obedience to the law of giving and receiving, money shall become of least concern to me all through 2017 and beyond – Job 22:21-25/ 2 Cor. 9:6-8
  6. As giving and receiving becomes my lifestyle, supernatural abundance shall become my testimony all through 2017 and beyond – 2 Cor. 8:1-3/ Phi. 4:15-19


MY YEAR OF ESCAPE HAS COME – Is. 63:4/ Heb. 2:3

  1. As a covenant child, God’s vengeance shall answer in the camp of my enemies this year – Is. 63:4/ Luk. 18:7-8/ PS 94:1
  2. As I continue to make bold declarations, whatever is seating on any aspect of my destiny, shall be unseated this year – Ps 81:10-14/ Pro. 18:21
  3. As I continue to put the word to work, seemingly impossible barriers shall give way to me – Exo. 14:15/ Ps 114:3-7
  4. As I continue to walk in the fear of the Lord, in the day of famine I shall be satisfied – Ps 33:18-19/ Ps 37:18-19
  5. Because marriage is a good thing and they that serve the Lord shall not lack any good thing, my marital destiny is settled this year – Pro. 18:22/ Ps 34:10
  6. As a covenant child, every form of marital spell around my life is finally broken this year – Ps 68:6/ Num. 23:23
  7. As I maintain a quality walk with God, every satanic gang up against me, my family, business and career shall fall for my sake this year – Is. 54:15/17
  8. As I continue to serve God, I shall not suffer any assault of the wicked anymore – Luk. 10:1/17-19/ Ps105:13-15



  1. As I continue to serve God, every day shall be Christmas for me all through the year 2017 – Job 36:11/ Ps 68:19
  2. As I continue to follow God’s leading, only goodness and mercy shall be following me all through the year 2017 – Ps. 23:6.
  3. Through my undying love for God, the kind of turnaround that I have never imagined shall begin to take place in my life beginning from this year – Ps 126:1-6/ 1 Cor. 2:9
  4. As I continue to dwell in the secret place of the Most Hight, I shall be exempted from all evils in 2017 and beyond – Ps. 91:1-16.
  5. As I continue to engage in promoting the kingdom of God through prayers, all my secret tears shall be turned to public testimonies this year – Gen. 21:6/ Luk. 2:37/ Matt.6:6/17-18
  6. As I continue to serve God diligently, I shall spend my days in prosperity, and my years in pleasures – Job 36:11/ Ps 35:27