Word of Faith Bible Institute (W.O.F.B.I)


The Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) is a ministry / leadership training center, which serves as the training arm of the Living Faith Church, World Wide. The institute runs periodic three weekly specialized courses termed ” SPECIAL” The courses are designed to motivate participants positively, towards distinction, both in their Secular as well as Spiritual engagement


The vision of the institute is in line with the mandate given to Dr David Oyedepo in May 1983, when the Holy Ghost said to him: “I WILL THROUGH THIS MINISTRY RAISE THE FOUNDATION OF MANY OTHER MINISTRIES” For this reason the Institute’s curriculum is designed to inculcate covenant excellence in leadership, ministry, social, economic, and other areas of human endeavors.


The Institute took off September 1st 1986 at Kaduna, Nigeria, and subsequently established a campus in Lagos in the year1993. Since then, the Lagos campus alone had graduated over twenty thousand (20,000) students. Similarly, well over fifty thousand (50,000) students have graduated from the numerous campuses all over Nigeria, while about thirty thousand (30,000) graduated from different campeses in thirty-five African Nations where WOFBI has established presence.


1) Basic Certificate Course (BCC)
This is the foundation course for those who have never attended any previous WOFBI program

2) Leadership Certificate Course (LCC)
This is a Leadership Development / Motivational Course, for those who have attended the BCC specialized program.

3) Leadership Diploma Course (LDC)
This is the Advanced Leadership Course, Open to those who have successfully passed through the WOFBI LCC program


At WOFBI we do not offer mere secular education, we also provide deep spiritual enlightenment, as well as mental empowerment for exploits. WOFBI is not just a place of learning; it is actually a place of transfigurative encounter. In the words of Dr. David Oyedepo “There is no mountain any where, every man’s ignorance is his mountain.” It is your light that defines your limit. If you will submit to the forces of enlightenment, you will subdue every mountainous issue of your life.


Conclusion: Finally, the Word of faith that we teach and preach is not founded on theology or philosophy, neither is it aimed at propagating doctrines rather, it’s a vehicle for the rescue and preservation of all peoples, irrespective of colour, creed or ethnicity.
Our Mission is to our generation!

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